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The heart of Europe (Brussels)

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The two airport blasts, at least one of them blamed on a suicide bomber, left behind a chaotic scene of splattered blood in the departure lounge as windows were blown out, ceilings collapsed and travelers streamed out of the smoky building. About an hour later, another bomb exploded on a rush-hour subway train near the […]

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Direct, Structural, and Cultural Violence (I)

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The teaching and study of civil resistance can be found in many different academic disciplines. You can find courses and research on nonviolent movements in the fields of political science, sociology, international relations, history, theology, even psychology. The one field however that you will most likely find nonviolent action is in the field of peace […]

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О чем говорил Путин с трибуны Генассамблеи?

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О чем говорил Путин с трибуны Генассамблеи ООН нет равных по легитимности, представительности и универсальности. С такого заявления начал свое выступление в Генассамблее в понедельник президент Российской Федерации Владимир Путин. Однако он предупредил, что кое-кто пытается действовать в обход Организац. «Мы все знаем, что после окончания «холодной войны» в мире возник единственный центр доминирования. У […]

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Defining Globalization.

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What I want to offer you, is a simple definition of globalization. I said, a simple definition. But what I mean by that is, in fact, two things. Globalization is two things. It’s the extension, intensification, and acceleration of consequential worldwide interconnections. And at the same time, it’s a big buzzword. A big buzzword of political speech that’s used by business leaders, by political leaders, by protestors, in […]

The EU and the UN

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As ‘the world’s most successful case of multilateralism the European Union (‘EU’ or ‘Union’) demonstrated since its early beginnings a commitment to multilateralism as the preferred form of global governance.  Yet, it was only with the European Security Strategy (‘ESS’), adopted by the European Council in December 2003, that the EU endorsed its idiosyncratic concept […]

What is the European Civil Society?

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Despite the usual criticisms about Europe being in the hands of powerful lobby groups an handful of bureaucrats, the European Union is in a listening mood today. While it is embracing the participatory channel out of need, the European Union has never been perceived so far away by its citizens. Europe wants to hear your voice regardless of who you are and what you […]

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EU law sources

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I’m going to give you an introduction to the EU law sources. We will look at the most important publications and also where to find the main online resources and databases available for free. Most of the EU publications are available for free online today. The official journal of the European Union, OJ, is the official compendium of EU legislation and other official documents of the […]

Maybe you don’t know but Europe is really important in your live.

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I would like to show you why Europe matters in your life. Just think about the following example. A mobile phone. Behind a mobile phone there is a great idea, that is having a transformative impact on society and on our daily lives, all across the world. It is a little computer in your pocket with endless apps making life easier. Despite the […]

What is negotiation?

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Negotiation is unequivocally one of the most essential tools in any conflict management an resolution activities. The primary purpose of any negotiation activity is to reduce differences between the parties. The differences that are at the core of the dispute. The faster conflict escalates, the more crucial it is to start considering negotiation as an […]

EU’s Foreign Policy

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Since the establishment of the United Nations, there were attempts of European countries to coordinate their positions in the United Nations. Starting with regular consultations. The first actual forum of foreign policy coordination is in what then was the European Community was in 1970 when European Political Cooperation or EPC was established. EPC relied on intergovernmental processes of coordination. mAnd could, of course, not always […]

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